Чемпионат 1998 г.
Гран-При Японии

# 3

Ferrari F300

Ferrari 3.0 V10



Сход (Шина)





 Скорость (Км/ч) 


31   53'17.744 



  1'36.293  219.231 

 Быстрейший круг 








 Скорость (Км/ч) 

 1-я сессия 



2-я сессия 

1'38.429  214.473 




До начала Гран-При:
"I always enjoy to come to Japan for some reasons. First of all I love Japanese food. People are kind, friendly and very polite. The Suzuka Circuit is one of my favourite tracks, as it is demanding with fast corners. Here the driver can make a difference. Ferrari always has a lot of support by our fans. All our fans can be sure that we will travel to Japan very well prepared and do everything possible to win the Championship in the last race of this exciting season."

Свободные заезды (пятница):
"We got through all the work on our programme for today and made some good progress with the set-up of the car. Of course I am happy to be on the provisional pole, but I do not think today's result shows the whole truth and therefore I expect qualifying to be very close tomorrow. I believe we are competitive. All the hard work in testing over the past few weeks seems to have paid off."

Квалификация (суббота):
"Of course it is nice to be on pole position today. I am happy for all the team members, who worked almost 24 hours a day over the last four weeks. They were able to improve the car in all areas. Goodyear has also done a fantastic job. They are really going for it and want this title as much as we do. This is only qualifying today and so we must not get too excited about it. Instead, we must concentrate on tomorrow's race. Having Eddie on the second row, not too far behind is encouraging. He had a problem with the car today and should go better tomorrow and may be in a position to get past Mika."

Гонка (воскресение):
"First of all I want to congratulate Mika Hakkinen and his team. They performed better throughout the season and so they deserve the title. I think we did not lose this championship today in Suzuka, but in the early stages of the season, when we were too far behind. I do not feel too disappointed, because I think the team can be proud of what we achieved this season. I feel sad for the boys, as all their hard work did not pay off in the end. At the second start, the engine stalled because the clutch did not free itself and I do not know why. All the work this weekend was then wasted as I had to start from the back. The first couple of laps were good fun. All the other drivers were very fair and did not try and make life difficult for me. I did not expect a rear tyre to explode as I had problems with a flat-spotted front, which caused a lot of vibration. Life goes on and now we must look forward to trying again next season."

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