Чемпионат 1998 г.
Гран-При Японии

Damon Hill
# 9

Jordan 198

Mugen-Honda 3.0 V10








 Скорость (Км/ч) 


51   1:28'36.026 



  1'38.603  214.095 

 Быстрейший круг 








 Скорость (Км/ч) 

 1-я сессия 



2-я сессия 

1'40.146  210.796 




"It is a very challenging, and stunning track. The circuit requires a good deal of commitment and knowledge, which puts both Ralf and me in a strong position. It is a little like Spa - a long lap with several difficult corners. The start-finish line is actually on a downward slope which presents a few difficulties at the start to ensure you don't roll forward an get a jump start penalty. The only real chances you have to overtake are in the last corner and into the hairpin at turn six. One would think it was possible out of spoon corner, but it is actually deceptively fast there. I believe we will be very competitive in Suzuka and we should go there with the aim of winning the race. I am looking forward to my stay in Japan and to spending a few days in Tokyo before the race."

Свободные заезды (пятница):
"Things went pretty well today - it is a good start to our weekend. I am happy with the basic package and we seem to have got the set up about right, which is good. Work today concentrated on tyre choice. I ran the car in race spec. so I think the times show that we have a good chance to qualify strongly tomorrow - I am looking forward it."

Квалификация (суббота):
"It was a really tough fight today and it is disappointing to finish behind Williams. Everyone was pushing to the absolute maximum and our car was on the limit, so I don't think there was anything more we could have done. Our biggest problem was mechanical grip which cost us time in the slow speed corners. But there is no point dwelling on that; we need to concentrate on the race and see if we can have a good start and the right strategy to win us some points."

Гонка (воскресение):
"I am absolutely delighted! This has been a remarkable season - quite exceptional. Everyone in the team has moved forward - everyone at Mugen-Honda, everyone at Goodyear, and of course everyone at Jordan Grand Prix. We can now look forward to next year and to being a top team. I even managed to overtake Heinz-Harald for good measure, so I am now going to celebrate with everyone at Jordan. I am also delighted for Mika. He has been solid all year and kept calm under attack. I said he would do it, and he has."

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