Чемпионат 1998 г.
Гран-При Японии

# 21

Tyrrell 026

Ford Zetec-R 3.0 V10



Сход (Столкновение)





 Скорость (Км/ч) 


28   50'26.268 



17    1'40.619  209.805 

 Быстрейший круг 

18  23 







 Скорость (Км/ч) 

 1-я сессия 

12   1'42.833 


2-я сессия 

13  1'41.105  208.797 





Свободные заезды (пятница):
"This morning was a nightmare. Even though I am more familiar with this track than any of the other 15 circuits on which I have raced this year, we were struggling this morning. This is partly the result of a lack of testing, but also the fact we were using a Goodyear tyre completely new to us. It proved difficult to adapt to the conditions initially today, but we made some changes to the chassis set-up between sessions and the balance was much better. I'm still not entirely happy, but we are ahead of Prost and Arrows, both of whom have been testing recently. In any event, there is definitely more to come from the car and I am therefore hopeful we will be able to make further improvements tomorrow."

Квалификация (суббота):
"I don't normally like to use bad language, but on this special occasion, my home Grand Prix, I definitely could! On my second run, the tyres were good and on the 'splits', I was about half a second quicker than on my first run. Unfortunately, the brakes locked on the approach to the chicane and what would almost certainly have been a lap quick enough for 13th place on the grid was spoiled. Still, reality isn't 'if' and 'maybe'. To be fair, my time today is not that bad and a number of our close rivals are only a few tenths quicker. Hopefully, we can reverse this situation tomorrow. We will concentrate on refining our race set-up in the morning warm-up so that I can put in the best possible performance in front of the Japanese fans."

Гонка (воскресение):
"My first Japanese Grand Prix turned out to be very disappointing. I made a good start and then settled down with the plan being to make two stops for fuel and tyres. There was a noticeable lack of grip at this point, but I hoped the situation would improve after the first pit stop, on lap 17. Unfortunately, the second set of tyres didn't improve matters and I came in early for my third set. On the first lap out of the pits, I was ahead of Tuero going into the chicane and I can only think he locked up his brakes. I turned in normally and the next thing I knew, he crashed into me and took both of us out of the race. I was not very happy at the time because I would really have liked to get a good result, both for the fans here in Japan and also for all the people at Tyrrell who have helped me so much this year. Unfortunately, though, these things happen in racing. Once again, my crew did a great job with the pit stops today and I am just sorry I could not reward them with a strong finish. On a positive note, though, I feel I have learned a lot this year that will help me in the future."

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