Чемпионат 1998 г.
Гран-При Японии

Shinji Nakano
# 22

Minardi M198

Ford Zetec-R 3.0 V10



Сход (Дроссель)





 Скорость (Км/ч) 


40   1:11'40.268 



20    1'41.315  208.364 

 Быстрейший круг 

15  37 







 Скорость (Км/ч) 

 1-я сессия 

20   1'44.632 


2-я сессия 

20  1'43.013  204.929 





Свободные заезды (пятница):
"I struggled with oversteer in both sessions, which prevented me from being faster. After this, I could not use the best way a new set of tyre because of my mistake; I think I could have gone faster by at least 6/7 hundredths, without that accident. I am anyway trustful that tomorrow we will find the best set up for my car. I have seen on TV that some fans of mine are showing many flags with encouraging phrases for me, and I would like to thank them: I can't see them while I am driving, of course, because I am concentrating on the track, but to know that they are there makes me feel good and charges my batteries!"

Квалификация (суббота):
"Today my car was slightly better with respect to yesterday's free practice, even if I had still some oversteer problems, that went away a little at the end of the qualifying session. To be honest, I think that today's result represents the limit for our car on this track also because I am sure I gave 100%, as well as the whole Team. I lowered my time constantly, except for the second 'out' , when I was slightly delayed by some traffic. Probably, in my last 'run', I should have pushed harder, in fact I didn't make any mistakes but the time did not come. Now I have to concentrate on tomorrow's Grand Prix, because I know that we always have better performance in race condition and therefore I hope to greet and thanks my public with a good result."

Гонка (воскресение):
"I am deeply sorry that I could not finish the race right here, in my Country. Everything was going quite well: the car was OK, my pit-stop was fast and about ten laps before my car stopped, I had overtaken Takagi. The problem happened suddenly, without any warning, in fact I did not feel any strange noise or any loss of power. It's a shame also for Esteban! Anyway I want to thank the Team who helped me really a lot during the whole season."

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